The one-day knockout tournament takes place on Wednesday, 26 January with the First Round matches (Round of 64) to be played between 10am – 12pm. Players must complete their first match within this timeframe in order to progress to the next round.
Players can find their opening round opponent through the Battlefy platform, under the “Brackets” tab. Once the tournament begins at 10:00am on Wednesday, players will then be able to communicate through the Match Centre in Battlefy to set up the match within the round window. This is done by clicking on the “Play Now” button on the right side of the page.



Players are required to check in before each round’s match and should only do so after the round start time. There is a maximum check-in period of 30 minutes for players to contact each other and set up their match. If a player does not check in before the 30-minute timer, they will be removed from the competition.

The first round has a two-hour window to ensure all games are played. From the Round of 32 onwards, each match must be played and the result submitted within the one-hour round window.


Round Start Time

Round Close Time

1 – Round of 64

10:00 am

11:59 am

2 – Round of 32

12:00 pm

12:59 pm

3 – Round of 16

1:00 pm

1:59 pm

4 – Quarter Finals

2:00 pm

2:59 pm

5 – Semi Finals

3:00 pm

3:59 pm

6 – Grand Finals

4:00 pm

4:59 pm


For every fixture, both competitors are required to add each other on their console using their respective Xbox Gamertags or PSN, as listed on Battlefy.

The player listed as the ‘home’ team on Battlefy is responsible for setting up the match within FIFA. Both players are required to check in within five minutes of the agreed match time. At the end of every match, the winning player is required to submit the result in the Match Centre on Battlefy with photographic evidence for validation.


All participants are required to read the Football Queensland Australia Day FIFA Tournament Rules Competition Rules before commencing their first match; by entering and participating in this tournament, each participant acknowledges and agrees to be bound by and comply with these Competition Rules.

More information on the tournament format, rules and match settings can also be found in the Competition Rules.

Click here to read the Competition Rules.


Participants are encouraged to use the FootballQLD Discord channel to communicate with fellow players, share clips and post live stream links for your matches. You can join our Discord here.


Players are encouraged to live stream their matches via their Twitch channel.

Football Queensland may share some players’ Twitch feeds on the FQ Twitch channel.

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Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues or questions.